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Best Website Builder Malaysia Free & No Coding

You are sitting hunched in front of your computer or laptop researching on how to create your own website for your business, portfolio or just to increase your skill, aren’t you? First of all, fix your posture and read on because you have come to the right place.

How to Design A Website With Website Builder Malaysia?

First of all, no, you do not need to code or learn how to code. Although knowing how it is beneficial to maintain your website, you can now create a website without having to code as they are many free website builders Malaysia that you can get started on with just a few clicks. There are 3 important steps that you will have to go through to build your website.

How To Create A Website in Malaysia

Choose The Best Website Builder – The One You Like Most!

There are a number of website builder in Malaysia that you can choose from out there. Website builders have changed in such a way that it even allows beginners to create his own website while also providing a myriad of tools to suit your needs. However, choosing the best one for you largely depends on what you will be using the website for. 

Therefore, identify the main reason you are using your website and all the ancillary reasons in order for you to choose the best website builder for you.

Choose A Site Name, Domain and Hosting Provider – Integrate With Website Created Using Website Builder Malaysia

Next, choose a name for your website. The name of your website is important to allow people to reach you. It is best to use your business’ name to make it easier for people to find you. This will also make it easier for people to remember your website as they need only search for the name of your business. 

Once that is done, choose your domain and hosting. Your domain is your address online. It is used in URLs to identify a certain web page. While there are other domains you can use which are specific to your business, it is worth to note that the most used domain is ‘.com’. 

Hosting, on the other hand, is where your website is placed. It is like the house where the address leads to. Hosting is a server that keeps all the information and files on your website. Without hosting, there can be no website.

You can either get a domain and hosting from different companies or you can get them from the same company. You can even migrate your website to a different hosting in the future if you want to.

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Get Creative & Choose Your Theme from Website Builder 

Now it’s time to get creative and start decorating your house. Choose a theme that suits your business. Pick a color palette that resonates with your brand and stick to it. Consistent color and overall theme make your website and brand memorable.

Design a Website For Free with just Website Builder Malaysia?

Yes, you can. There are a number of web builders that offer various tools and functions that you can incorporate on your website for free. All you need to do is figure out your layout, theme and content. 

However, using their builder for free usually means that your website will have their ads displayed or you can only use it for free for a trial period. It would also mean limitations in terms of storage, customization, products for your e-commerce business (if it offers e-commerce at all) and more.

How much Does It Cost to Build a Website? – Your Own Domain With Website Builder Available in Malaysia

In order to own your unique domain, you would have to subscribe to their paid plan. If not, your domain would probably include the web builder’s name as well. For example, if you are using, your domain name would say “”. Not only is that slightly unattractive for your business, but it is also a mouthful and difficult to remember.

Paid plans also come with the extra services such as removal of ads, e-commerce function, bigger storage, more web pages and more. For plans that are best for businesses, prices can go from as low as $5 per month and even up until $25 per month.

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If web hosting is not included in the plan, you would then have to pay for it separately. Therefore, it is advisable to get your domain and hosting at the same place.

Which is the Best Website Builder Malaysia?

The following are the top 3 best website builder Malaysia for beginners:


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Wix is on the top of users’ favourite list. It offers a wide range of design and themes which can easily let users start creating their website. Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes for easy placements of tools and features.

Wix’s paid plans start at $4.50 per month. However, for businesses, it is suggested that you subscribe to the $12.50 per month plan which offers up to 10GB storage, 1 Hour video, removes ads and has a ‘Site Booster App’ and ‘Visitor Analytics App’ which will be brilliant to get more visitors and get an insight and stats on your visitors.


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Weebly comes in close as second as it is easy to use the website even for beginners and offers a wide range of templates to choose from. However, as compared to Wix, Weebly has lesser options. It also has a drag-and-drop editor, although you don’t get full control of the placements. It is great for users that have less time to invest in creating their website but want a nice, functioning website.

Their paid plans start at $5 per month; however, this plan does not offer an e-commerce function. For that, you would have to subscribe to their $12 per month plan. You will get ads removed, unlimited storage and full technical support to name a few.


wordpress website builder malaysia

For writers and bloggers, would be the best choice. It is geared more towards blogging and is fairly easy to set up. It has a lot of plugins to choose from and is also open-sourced. This means that the WordPress community can contribute to the development of the software. You can even join their WordCamp hosted all over to meet other contributors to learn, share your experience or even ask questions.

If you wish to sell products, you can use their WooCommerce plugin to use its e-commerce function. For plans best for businesses, it starts at $25 per month and it’ll give you custom plugins & themes, 200 GB storage, and 24/7 live chat.

Final Thoughts for The Best Website Builder Malaysia

In conclusion, figure out what you will use for your website and how you might expand your business in the future to choose the best builder for you, and then start building one. In our opinion & experience, WordPress is still one of the best website builders as they have tons of plugins & user-friendly interfaces to help users to build websites almost with zero coding experience. It is still capable of creating own e-commerce websites or even a company portfolio website that blows your competition’s mind. 

Of course, along with a good design, you would have to make sure that your website is SEO-friendly as well. Read our learning resources for SEO to learn more. However, if you think that you do not have time to learn how to build your own website, you can always approach a freelancer or hire an agency like us to build a website for you! We offer web development services tailored and customized to your own needs and requirements.