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Our team of social media specialists will amplify your brand story that connects with your potential customer base!

Our Services – Social Media Marketing & Management

Start Engaging With Customers! Remember Your Brand!

Looking for improving brand awareness, engaging with your audience on various social media platforms, target your lookalike customers/audiences, or even want a Social Media Marketing manager to manage all your social media business profiles? Our social media marketing specialists will provide you a full strategy planning from A to Z everything from social media advertising to digital content creations!

Social Media Contents  – Social Media Accounts ManagementSocial Media Ads Campaigns Setup & Run & more…

As the best digital marketing Malaysia agency, we provide tailor-made branding strategy through social media marketing to increase your brand awareness and ultimately your conversion through leads.

Social Media Management


Lead Generation

Social Media Platforms That We Works

Manage All Social Media, Solution & Services

For SMEs or StartUps, we know that you are spending more time than you would like to on updating your business social media profiles like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, while also brainstorming content with your team. Fear not, let our social media experts help you and you can focus on generating more sales/leads & other important operations in your business. Our social media marketing packages are tailor-made to suit your budget and needs.

1 1 Nexis Novus Technology


Facebook Pages & Ads Campaign Management – Suitable For All Businesses.

3 1 Nexis Novus Technology


Instagram Ads & Profile Management – Suitable For All Content Creators & Businessess.

2 2 Nexis Novus Technology


TikTok Ads & Profile Management – Suitable For All Content Creators & Local Businessess.

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Twitter Account Management & Ads – Suitable For StartUps & Businessess.

5 Nexis Novus Technology


LinkedIn Page & Ads Campaign Management – Suitable For All Growing Businesses.

6 Nexis Novus Technology


Pinterest mood board Management – Suitable for Designers’ related business.

Our Effective Social Media Campaigns – Benefits

Why Our Social Media Marketing Campaign Work?

We’re the leading Social Media Marketing Agency Malaysia That Act As Your Business Partner. All our social media ads campaign & social media management aims to help all business owners to accelerate growth while you can focus on the other aspect of your business. No matter which industry or business you are in, we are here to help to create meaningful content and customized social media marketing campaigns that are fully relevant to your target audiences within reasonable pricing packages. Our social media experts follow the proven working strategies for helping you become your industry market leader in the social media space.

This is perfect for local businesses or new business players that would like to explore Malaysia markets – ensure that local cultures are suitable for your business for localization.


High Quality Content & Posting

Our team of social media managers & content specialists for social media will create quality content and post it to relevant platforms with the purpose of generating awareness through social shares, engagements, and interactions that matters.

Brand Awareness

Google Analytics is a must-have tool to help you make sense of your website and app activities. We can track session activities in the marketing funnel, source, location, etc. For all of your campaign needs, we’ll help you set up the marketing goals, event tracking, retargeting audience and Google Analytics reports.

Social Media Ads Management & Reporting

Our dedicated manager will ensure your scheduling & posting on time, content creation according to your brand CIP, and proper ads management of your social media pages throughout our campaign period with the best practices. At the end of each month, we will provide you a progress report on your social media campaigns & ads campaign performance to review with.

Lead Generation

We will highlight all your important metrics in your campaign reports including expenses, results, our following month’s action plans with existing data, and the most important part – how to improve your marketing strategy to align with your campaigns. Everything will be done through our face-to-face meeting or online meeting whichever you preferred.

Social Media Resources

Our Social Media Marketing Malaysia Resources 

Fundamental of Social Media Marketing:

Learn About Latest Social Media Marketing Tactics!

Check Out some of the best social media platforms in Malaysia for your business, as we break them down into a few important ones for you to select the best option for your business to go with!

Top social media sites in Malaysia - Most used by locals & where you should promote your business presences


Here are some common questions about Social Media Marketing Campaigns

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Malaysia?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a marketing strategy to gain brand awareness and generate sales through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Our SMM campaigns focus on setting up social media ads and content that increase your profits!

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost in Malaysia?
For Freelancer – charing starting from RM1,500 and above.
For Social Media Agency – charging starting from R2,000 and above.
Average from RM 1,500 to RM 25,000 per month as the cost of SMM in Malaysia can vary depending on the type of industry and project timeline. 
What is the Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
The main benefits of an SMM campaign are to promote your products or services while building a community with your target audience and drive traffic to your business!

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freebies4u my
Our media website - Freebies4u had been doing super well with their professional SEO specialist! Our website traffic grows more than 100x within months of engagement! Check out our website -!
Tiffany Wong
Tiffany Wong
We would easily recommend them as the best SEO Malaysia service provider that we had so far engaged in before. No b*llshit and all about results - our website ranking & engagement increased!
Vanky Nai Wan Qi
Vanky Nai Wan Qi
We're a new startup looking to create a website for our brand. God thank us for discovering Nexis Novus, their professional, high-quality services at a reasonable cost are highly recommended. They completed all of the work on time, and we are now working with them on an SEO project.
Kent Kent
Kent Kent
Good service provider, help to build fully functional website within timeline and did basic boost SEO with the package subscribed! Highly recommended for new business!
Fang L
Fang L
One of the best web developer in town - we engaged another agency before them, which is horrible setup but after we go with Nexis Novus, everything solve quicky and fast response according our neeeds!
john lee
john lee
Professional team - helped our website ranked for specific keywords within 1 month for brand, then 3months for other general keywords! Pleasant experience with detailed report & strategy planning for each meeting. Highly recommended to work with them for SEO project!
Lee Zhi Bin
Lee Zhi Bin
Look for them to find out all the information you need to know about SEO!
Lee Zhi Bin
Lee Zhi Bin
Includes Design Services as well !
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