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Looking to Get More Customers? Leads? With Our Pay Per Click Google Ads Service:

Generate immediate results using pay per click (“PPC”) campaign. Google Ads with trackable Return of Investment (“ROI”) for businesses.

Our Services – Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

10x Your ROI With Best Google Ads Malaysia Agency

Looking for improving sales & conversions? Our Search Engine Marketing specialists from the best digital marketing Malaysia agency help you to set up Google Ads campaigns with proven & innovative pay per click campaigns that drive relevant traffics to your website – higher ROI, Sales & Conversions!

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Google Ads Benefits

Pay Per Click Malaysia Campaign Services – Get Potential Customers

Here are what we offered for our google ads services look like:

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Google Ads

Hiring us gives you the benefit of a full-time Ads expert without the extra cost of hiring another full-time employee.

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Boost Your Revenue

Our team of SEM specialists can help you with paid campaigns that can drive sales & increasing leads for your business!

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Brand Awareness

Google display ads, search ads, PPC ads & more will be targeting the relevant audiences that have already indicated an interest in your services or products. and ultimately increasing your brand awareness too!

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Remarketing & Retargeting

Improve ROI, increase conversions, and increase leads by marketing to people who visit your website by driving traffic through ads. 

Our Pay Per Click Campaign Plans

Let’s Find The Best Google Ads Packages For You!

Note: Total Ads Spend is subject to client budget. There is no limit of number of ads, or maximum spends for any above package. The above pricing given don’t include ads spend budget on Google.

Google Ads Practices – More Than Just Starting It…

How Does Our Google Ads Malaysia Campaign Work?

We are the best search engine marketing SEM specialist you ever need as our team specialized in SEO, targeting profitable keywords, and target audiences for your products or services with us. Our team will do all the work by setup an ads account, optimizing, and running your first Google AdWords campaign.

Ads Copy Write Up

Our team of Search Engine Marketing experts will conduct research for profitable keywords and ensure it brings you the highest ROI for your campaign. We’ll make full use of the keywords in ads and provide the best CTR by our professional search engine copywriting team either in English, Chinese or Malay.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a must-have tool to help you make sense of your website and app activities. We can track session activities in the marketing funnel, source, location, etc. For all of your campaign needs, we’ll help you set up the marketing goals, event tracking, retargeting audience and Google Analytics reports.


Ads Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is a great way to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize sales. We’ll help you define the best goals to be tracked such as leads, purchases, calls, and more! Integration with Google Analytics or your Facebook Meta pixel for retargeting ads to optimize for the best results in your campaigns.

Ads Strategy & Discussion Reporting

We will highlight all your important metrics in your campaign reports including expenses, results, our following month’s action plans with existing data, and the most important part – how to improve your marketing strategy to align with your campaigns. Everything will be done through our face-to-face meeting or online meeting whichever you preferred.

Performance Driven Advertising – SEM

Grow Your Sale 10x & Leads With PPC Ads

With so many things changing in the online marketing landscape, and so many tools being developed daily, it’s hard to keep up with everything. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the best ways to grow your brand using Google Ads.

If you already know how to use Google Ads, then you’re on the right track.

Google Ads allows you to run text, image, video, and interactive ads on any website or mobile app not just limited to Google search results pages – also able to run native ads on verified google search partner websites (Google Display Networks), Youtube video ads, Google Shopping and Gmail Advertising which help you get more exposure & targeted leads/sale/conversion for your brand.

The key to getting the most out of your campaign is to understand how the platform works, how it can be used to grow your business, and how you can implement an effective strategy that works for your business.

Why We Are The Best Search Engine Marketing Ads Agency?

Reach Your Ideal Customer With SEM Google

As soon as your ads campaign is finished setup, your ads can appear as soon as someone starts typing a query into the search bar. Our SEM specialists & your dedicated Google Ads Manager will manage all your campaigns from A to Z to optimize and reach your ideal customer for you within no time!

We will create custom audiences based on location, keywords, interests, or demographics which can also target specific types of devices, like tablets, smartphones, or desktop computers. The best part of Google Ads, we are able to create your landing page or improve your existing page to target a specific audience for you by visiting your specific URL to increase conversions!

If you have an established eCommerce business, you need to get more out of Google AdWords with us!

Pay Per Click Campaigns

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Ads Resources

Our Google Ads Malaysia Resources 

Fundamental of PPC vs SEO:

Choose Between Google Ads Search Engine Marketing vs SEO

Check Out things to consider by choosing between Google Ads PPC/SEM Campaigns or SEO campaigns, as we break down into a few important questions for you to select the best option for your business to go with!

SEO vs PPC (SEM) Which Option Is Better For You?


Here are some common questions about Google Ads – Pay Per Click Campaigns

What is Pay Per Click Malaysia?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model using Google Ads Malaysia which you pay every time users when clicking an advertisement link. Google Search Ads are primarily based on this advertising model.

What is Search Engine Marketing "SEM"?

Search Engine Marketing “SEM” refers to generating paid traffics on Search Engine like Google, where advertiser will be charged based on clicks. For example, when your audience searches the keyword of “digital marketing agency Malaysia” on Google – meaning that he or she is looking for digital marketing services for their business.

How Does Google Ads Malaysia Works?

Google Ads or Google Adwords is an online advertising platform by Google itself. Their mechanism is as simple as when you advertise on their search results & every time when users click on an advertisement link, you will be charged per click on how much you are bidding for the keyword.

How Long Does It Take Google Ads/Pay Per Click Ads Get ROI?

In general, we highly suggest that you should run your PPC ads or Google Ads for a minimum of 3 months to see results. This will allow Google to have more time to help you target a more accurate audience while our team helps to optimize accordingly.

Our Customers Review on Google! Your Trusted Digital Marketing Agency

freebies4u my
freebies4u my
Our media website - Freebies4u had been doing super well with their professional SEO specialist! Our website traffic grows more than 100x within months of engagement! Check out our website -!
Tiffany Wong
Tiffany Wong
We would easily recommend them as the best SEO Malaysia service provider that we had so far engaged in before. No b*llshit and all about results - our website ranking & engagement increased!
Vanky Nai Wan Qi
Vanky Nai Wan Qi
We're a new startup looking to create a website for our brand. God thank us for discovering Nexis Novus, their professional, high-quality services at a reasonable cost are highly recommended. They completed all of the work on time, and we are now working with them on an SEO project.
Kent Kent
Kent Kent
Good service provider, help to build fully functional website within timeline and did basic boost SEO with the package subscribed! Highly recommended for new business!
Fang L
Fang L
One of the best web developer in town - we engaged another agency before them, which is horrible setup but after we go with Nexis Novus, everything solve quicky and fast response according our neeeds!
john lee
john lee
Professional team - helped our website ranked for specific keywords within 1 month for brand, then 3months for other general keywords! Pleasant experience with detailed report & strategy planning for each meeting. Highly recommended to work with them for SEO project!
Lee Zhi Bin
Lee Zhi Bin
Look for them to find out all the information you need to know about SEO!
Lee Zhi Bin
Lee Zhi Bin
Includes Design Services as well !
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