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Getting a website or looking for the right website content can be overwhelming. The website is the face of the brand alongside your social media pages.

And trying to figure out the suitable color scheme, design, content, and other details to fit into the website requires hard work.

You can have the designer deal with the color scheme and the programmer deal with the software. Yet, you will need to decide on the content. And surely, your website is not complete without the necessary information.

Your website content plays a significant role in increasing your customer base even when you are not online. So, you should be able to give new customers all the information they need when they visit the page.

In this article, you will see a list of content you must tick before launching your website or sending out other content on the site.

Essential Website Content Checklist

Your checklist should contain some nonnegotiable pages on the site. Regardless of your niche or sector, here are some pages your site should have:


Homepage Nexis Novus Technology

This is an essential page all websites have and is your site’s face. The homepage is the first thing anyone will see when they click on your site’s link. So, to keep the visitor to your site, your homepage has to be compelling and detailed. 

Your homepage should be able to direct customers to what they want and show them the value you offer. And here are a couple of things to add to your homepage,

Your offer

A new user should be able to know what you sell and offer just by looking at your homepage. So, write a concise statement that explains your products and services.

But while trying to keep it concise, ensure it sounds professional and detailed. You can add technical words to show expertise if you work in a specific niche.

Your Unique Selling Points(USPs)

Now that your customer is on your site, why should they choose you over your competitors? Perhaps you offer more affordable services, more efficient delivery service, or unbeatable customer service? 

Look out for the USPs and highlight them on your website in eye-catching designs that anyone who comes to the site can not miss. 


You should show authority in your niche. You can show authority by proving your business’s success and legitimacy. So, upload certifications and testimonials. 

Be careful here because you do not want to choke up the website. So, upload only a few best proofs; others can be on another page. 

Call to Action(CTA)

What is a website without your CTA? CTAs ensure that visitors who visit your site turn into customers. So, there can be a Buy now button in case they want to buy at the moment.

And for users not buying that day, you can get them to sign up for your newsletter or a free trial.

About Page

About Us Nexis Novus Technology

The about page will tell customers more about what your brand does and offers. Here you can be more detailed about the information you put on your homepage. You can expand on your unique selling points and tell the story about your brand. 

And if you have more proof and certifications, you can add them here. Show how good you are, what you have achieved over the years, and the customers you have served. 

The about page can have the following:

Mission and Vision statement

Tell the customers what goals you want to achieve and the growth structure in place. Prospects will see you as more reliable if you have clear growth strategies. 


If you have a more specific niche than others, you can specify it here. For example, if your products are made of sustainable materials or if your focus is on a set of people. 

Brand Story

Everyone likes a story. Write a unique, relatable story that talks about the company. It can be simple stories about how you came about your brand name or what prompted you to go into the niche. 

Contact Page

Contact Us Nexis Novus Technology

The use of your website and all the content is to turn prospects into loyal customers. Without a contact page, you will lose many of your intending customers. 

So, add the necessary information on how a prospect can reach you. Some of the necessary information includes


1. E-mail address, phone number, and office address. 

2. Your social media handles. 

3. Direct contact with customer care service 

4. Details on how a customer can reach you and buy from you.


You can also discuss your exemplary customer service and specify your quick response time.

Terms and Conditions

TC Nexis Novus Technology

A company’s terms and conditions are an agreement the customer has to check through and agree to if they want to work with the company. Your terms and conditions page is essential so the prospect can know what to expect when they work with your company. 

The terms and conditions page should include:

1. Most importantly, a statement telling the customer they must read through and accept them if they want to work with you and your site.

2. Your key terms and their definitions.

3. Your company’s delivery terms, including delivery time, shipping costs, and delivery locations. 

4. Each party’s responsibilities during their sales transaction. 

5. Payment terms and what happens in case of late payment.

6. Guarantees and warranties.

7. Laws governing your contract 

8. Complaint procedures process.

9. Solutions in case of disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

FAQ Nexis Novus Technology

Having a FAQ page helps you save time and effort. There are some questions prospects usually have, and answering the questions on your page makes it easier for potential clients to reach out to you since they already know basic information.

Another advantage of the page is that it helps the website’s search engine optimization as it will contain essential keywords to your niche. 

To know the questions to answer, use the following techniques:

1. Use sites that tell you what people are searching for in the niche.

2. Check your competitors’ sites and their FAQ pages; it might give you more ideas,

3, With your experience, pick out FAQs from your interaction with the customer. And you can also tackle their objections in the FAQ section.

Cookies Policy

Website Redesign SEO Checklist 1 Nexis Novus Technology

Source: Dribble

This comes up immediately after a person visits your site. The privacy policy tells the user the personal information you handle, why you collect it, and how you use it.

The policy must account for the laws applicable to the locations the site approves of.  But you have to protect all user data collected by your site. 

You can check similar websites to know what will be in the policy. 

Error Message

Website Redesign SEO Checklist 2 Nexis Novus Technology

The user will most likely experience server errors once in a while. So, if the user makes a typo while trying to access your website, you should tell them something is wrong. The 404-error page should contain the following information.

1. An explicit statement telling the user the page does not exist

2. Advice telling the user to check their URL input

3. What to do if they need more information.

Other Website Content Checklist

Once you have ticked all the essential website content checklists, you should also consider the following:

Testimonial Page

Website Redesign SEO Checklist 3 Nexis Novus Technology

Source: Coursera

This is an excellent boost to your conversion techniques. If you have been in operation for years, you should have testimonials and reviews from your customers. These testimonials can encourage users also to try out your products or services. 

You can pick out testimonials from your social media pages, Google reviews, customer surveys, emails, and other platforms you use.

Here are a few things to take note of to use the testimonial. 

1. Correct typos and grammatical errors in the testimonials. 

2. Ensure your customers are okay with you using the testimonial.

3. Add stats and evidence to the testimonial.

4. Do not add fake testimonials.

Blog Page

Website Redesign SEO Checklist 4 Nexis Novus Technology


This is almost as important as the essential content listed above. Having a  blog is an excellent digital marketing strategy that improves your site’s visibility, answers your customer’s questions, and enhances trust in your brand and product. 

The blog section should have a search tool that helps users look for keywords related to their questions. And the page should also have an anchor page with links to recent posts. 

To ensure your blogs are rams high, here are some things to do.

1. Post at least one blog each week.

2. Write relevant and trendy content.

3. Write easy-to-read content.

4. Conduct research on appropriate keywords to use. 

5. Add internal and external links.

6. Add CTAs to every post. 

Service Page

Website Redesign SEO Checklist 5 Nexis Novus Technology

Source: Hootsuite

You should have a service page if you offer more than a service. The service page talks about each service you offer and a description of each feature. 

The page should contain these details:

1. Details of each service, what you offer and do not offer.

2. The benefits of getting each service from you; like what extra feature you offer for the service

3. The packages that are available for each service.

4. Pricing of each service.

Team Page

Website Redesign SEO Checklist 6 Nexis Novus Technology

Source: Cloudways

Your website should not be about your services only. Show the faces behind the scene. Talk about the achievement of each team member. Encourage talented people to apply to be a part of your team. 

Having a team page warms the prospects’ hearts to trust you more and feel like a part of the company. 

Conclusion – Final Words

There is much content you can add to your website, and they are not limited to the ones listed above. Your website should provide all the necessary information about your brand.

And the website should be able to convince your prospects to become customers effectively. So, think of other necessary content to aid conversion and add them. 

In addition, before you go, check out the guide for website redesign guide which might be helpful for you if you already have an existing website & looking to improve it further!

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