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What is Google My Business Malaysia (GMB)? 

Google My Business Malaysia offers a complimentary online tool essential for enterprises and organizations looking to bolster their online visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. By confirming and updating your business details, you can enhance your visibility on Google Maps, making it simpler for customers to locate you. Additionally, it presents pertinent information about your enterprise on Google Search. Concurrently, Local SEO aims to refine your local business listings, including platforms like Google My Business. When executed accurately, your business can secure a more prominent spot on the Google Search Results Page.

For example, when you search for ‘dessert cafe in Petaling Jaya’ on Google, this is what you will find: 

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The cafes listed at the top are businesses that own their Google My Business Malaysia page. This is also known as the Local Pack listings, along with the map. We talk about this more below.

Why Do You Need A Google My Business Malaysia Page [Businesses in Malaysia]

Everyone searches everything on Google nowadays and it is more than 90% of searches done on Google.

If you’re looking for the nearest cafe around your area eg: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, you’ll straight type into Google and check out the businesses that are listed under Google My Business Malaysia.

This is the common case as well when you are traveling in another state or overseas. Let’s say you’re on a holiday in Ipoh [Malaysia] and you’ll type in Google “places to eat in Ipoh”. The first businesses you will consider are the ones that appear on the first page of Google Malaysia. To be more precise, the top 5 search results. 

People Are Allowed To Leave Reviews For Your Business on Google My Business Page

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We all know we trust customer reviews more than anything before we purchase a certain product or engage with a specific service. The best thing about Google My Business Malaysia is how your customers are able to leave reviews about your business and it can be seen by anyone! 

By having positive reviews displayed on search engine rankings, you can increase potential sales or leads. Customers trust personal recommendations the most, which is why local SEO plays an important role to promote your product or service. 

Your Business Appears in Google My Business & Google Maps – Local Pack Listings

As shown above, in the image, getting listed right on top of the first page of Google is very beneficial to your business, mainly due to the fact that it’s very visible. Potential customers are able to see important information such as your business address, contact number, and opening hours, in a much faster way. 

Gain Your Customer’s Attention Through Your Google My Business Malaysia Listing

Recently, Google has implemented Google Posts for businesses listing with GMB. These posts are extremely helpful to all types of businesses. You could create posts that will be posted directly on Google which will be seen by many users daily. You even can include a CTA (Call To Action) buttons to make it easier for your customers to engage with you.

Post Types

1. What’s New

What’s New post is great for sharing updates on your business, blog posts and so on. This would be similar to a mini blog post as well since you are free to write up to 1,500 characters and include images or videos.

2. Events

If you have any special event or promotion going on, you could post them up so the local people around your area will take notice of the event.

3. Offers

When you have special discounts, coupons or offers, you can create a specific post on GMB. It comes with a yellow tag so it’ll get more attention.

4. Welcome Offer

This post is only available to those that “Follow” your business on Google Maps app. You can provide an exclusive deal to these particular customers.

5. Products

A pretty straight-forward type of posts. You can easily upload some of your bestselling or new products on GMB including a CTA button.

Is Google My Business Malaysia free?

The best part of it all? It’s totally FREE. In a way, it’s like a free advertisement for any business. The only downside is the fact that there are many others who are being listed as well. You have to stand out by encouraging reviews and posting regularly. 

How do I Sign Up A Google My Business Malaysia Page?

If you have already created one, you may access your GMB page here

However, if you have yet to create one yet, here are some basic steps to get you started: 

Step 1: You need a Google Account 

You would need a Google account, also known as a Gmail account, to get started. You may create on here if you haven’t yet. 

Step 2: Fill In Your Business Details

Once you have logged in to your Google account, click ‘Start Now’ and proceed to fill in the details. 

Step 3: Verifying Your Business Listing

To verify your business, you can do it with the following ways:

  • By phone
  • By postcard
  • By email
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification

Step 4: Done! 

Verifying your business is the last step. Once you’re done with that, you already own a Google My Business listing. From here onwards, you have to start updating and filling in more information, pictures, videos, posts, etc on your business listing. Be sure to get your customers to leave positive reviews! 

For a complete guide on setting up your Google My Business Page, check out this guide.

How Much Does Google My Business Malaysia Cost?

Google My Business is completely FREE. However, you are also able to hire agencies to set it up for you. Most of the SEO agencies will include optimizing them as part of their services as well. Even though you can create it yourself, optimizing it to make it more SEO-friendly would be tricky and it takes experience.

Is Google My Business Malaysia Worth It? 

This is without question – Google My Business Malaysia is definitely worth it. It’s like getting free advertisements without having to put in much effort. Using GMB will be a great advantage among your competitors as well.

It is a fantastic tool to use for your local marketing efforts. Not only does it make your business unique, but your business will also be highly visible by your local audience around your area. 

With GMB, you can build trust among your customers as most people deem Google to be very credible and trustworthy. If you are looking to boost your SEO, GMB is a tool that you should implement, and you can trust an SEO agency for that! 

Just like how your website needs to be optimized, your business listing needs to be properly optimized too. With an agency, they are able to help optimize your business listing while also helping you to keep it updated and make necessary changes if needed. 

If you need a local SEO expert to help you with Local SEO with Google My Business, the #1 SEO agency in Malaysia – Nexis Novus Technology this service to help local businesses to grow.


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