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Coupon Marketing: Ecommerce Promotion Strategy

In today’s era, e-commerce businesses have been experimenting with all sorts of marketing strategies in order to increase their revenue and sales. One of the most popular promotional strategies would be to make use of digital coupon codes, also known as coupon marketing, to maximize sales. Of course, you can’t just start giving away coupons to all your customers without a strategy in place. Just like other marketing strategies, coupon marketing should also be planned ahead in order to hit your sales target.

How to Utilize Coupon Marketing for Ecommerce Promotion Strategy

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Digital coupons are made up of numbers and letters that are used for a specific occasion such as during Christmas holidays. In short, digital coupons are known as a shareable code to target customers by simply allowing them to include these codes upon checkout. With the help of these coupons, customers are able to enjoy a discount on their online purchases, enhancing their online shopping experience.

Similar to having huge discounts and sales during special occasions in physical stores, instead, customers are able to use these coupons when they shop online. In a way, receiving coupons is like getting a gift from a friend or loved one. When brands share coupons with their customers, it makes them feel like they are receiving a gift, thus, creating the feeling of happiness and joy. Therefore, through coupons, it benefits both the business and the customer, curating a win-win situation.

Benefits of Coupon Marketing As Ecommerce Promotion Strategy

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1. Driving online traffic to your online store

Naturally, when you are promoting your codes online, you will gain more traffic to your store. Your website will be able to reach a much wider audience.

2. Improve brand awareness

With the coupons, you will be getting your brand out there by placing your business details all around the coupon. If you compare a brand that does not have a discount coupon compared to a brand that offers a discount coupon, customers would instinctively choose the latter. After all, all customers love a good discount offer!

3. Customer loyalty

When your customers notice your business regularly offering various discount codes, they will tend to keep coming back for their purchases. Hence, if you provide a customer loyalty program, it will greatly help to increase your customer acquisition and retention.

4. Increase your conversions

In a recent study, it has been proven that 83% of online shoppers tend to make a purchase without the initial intention at the start once they found out there are coupons available. Most customers also tend to be tempted and make a purchase upon the availability of the coupon.

How To Plan A Successful Coupon Campaign For Ecommerce Promotion Strategy

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1. Target the right audience

Just like every other marketing strategy, you have to get the right target audience in mind before pouring all your efforts into your marketing campaigns. However, it does not mean that the coupons should specifically be used just for that particular target audience. For instance, if you are providing coupons for Women’s International Day, it doesn’t necessarily mean these coupons only apply to just women customers since it’s almost impossible to track. Instead, have your coupon applied to only women-related products. This means male customers can also use these coupons and perhaps purchase these products for their loved ones.

2. Plan your schedule accurately

It goes without saying most customers would usually make full use of coupons during special occasions or holidays. The famous online shopping days would be 11.11, also known as Single’s Day. Other than that, there’s also other occasions such as a Back-To-School campaign and so on. Even if you hold a 24-hour flash coupon sale campaign, it should be aligned accordingly to the dates in the calendar.

3. Fix the terms and conditions

Customers usually would want to know what they are getting. For coupons, if you don’t set clear rules beforehand, they might get confused and wonder why they can’t use it upon check out. This will cause customer dissatisfaction as they were expecting to purchase the product for a discount, but instead they are faced with the message stating that the coupon can’t be used for the said product.

4. Experiment, test, and try again

There are so many types of popular e-commerce strategies that you could try your hands on. The thing is, not every coupon strategy would work for your business. Some of the examples would be student discounts, member-only discounts, exclusive discounts for subscribers, to name a few. It takes some trial and error to know which works the best for your business. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment. After all, it does not cost you much. You won’t be making any losses by promoting these coupons!

How To Promote Your Coupons Using Online Marketing Channels

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1. Social Media

With social media, you could make use of Facebook or Instagram Ads, together with remarketing which is to constantly show your ads to your website visitors after they have left your website. One way is to create separate coupon codes just for social media. That way, you can track and see which online channel is your best performing one that is converting into sales.

2. Google Ads

Google Ads is also one of the best ways to promote your coupon. The reason being, customers are always searching for the best deals online, as well as your brand. By displaying these coupons using Google Ads, you are able to encourage them to click on your ad since it will most likely be a customer that already has a buying intent and would like to make a purchase.

3. Email Marketing

If you have a handful of email addresses, you can promote your coupons through email marketing as well. Most of the time customers would keep track whenever their favourite brands are having discounts in order for them to save money. Hence, emails could help to drive traffic and eventually convert them into sales as 90% of the time customers are spending their time on emails.

All in all, e-commerce coupon discount is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and conversions to your business. The main factor of coupon marketing would be because of the sense of urgency customers feel that makes them want to not miss out on the special deals. If you combine all your digital marketing efforts together with SEO, content marketing, etc, you will be on your way to generating high volumes of conversions and sales for your business. Need help with your digital marketing efforts? Reach out to us and let us provide you with a free consultation!